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Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

Located on the top floor of the Suria, KLCC mall at the foot of the Petronas Towers, Petrosains discovery centre boasts a huge variety of science based activities for children of all ages. Conveniently located and very reasonably priced, it’s an attraction well worth a couple of hours of any families time. Beginning with what

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India’s Golden Triangle: With Children

When we told our friends we were spending our Christmas in India, we were met invariably with two responses; the first shocked at our choice of destination and the second inquiring where in Goa we were staying. When we elaborated that we were in fact going to travel the ‘Golden Triangle’ between New Delhi, Jaipur

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Five Things to do with Kids, Siem Reap

When we announced our Cambodia travel plans to friends a few months ago we were invariably met with two shocked responses: “but don’t you think 7 days will be too much?” and “And you’re taking your kids there?” It’s been a fun trip and perhaps to the shock of our friends the children have enjoyed

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