Corner’s Deli

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IMG_2997We ventured out to Corner’s Deli by Citic Plaza this weekend. We’d been hearing about this Aladdin’s cave of imported wonders for weeks and decided it had to be worth a visit.

Close to Linhexi metro station and easily accessible by taxi, Corner’s Deli at ‘Back Street’ Citic Plaza is one of numerous branches throughout Guangzhou (addresses to follow). Looking at the map, I was a little worried about finding it but it is essentially beneath Citic Plaza and can be accessed via numerous entrances, with two being close to Starbucks and McDonalds.

Like any oversea’s goods store in a foreign country, you can expect to pay premium prices for a lot of items at Corner’s. We bought some crisps, a cake tin and few other ingredients and spent close to 500RMB. So, not the place I would choose to do my weekly shop. I spotted a solitary frozen turkey, lurking in the corner of a freezer and placed it in my basket hoping to get a head start on the Christmas food shopping. Unfortunately, however, this quickly found itself back in the freezer once I noticed that the price for the diminutive bird was RMB520.

We had been told that the Citic Plaza branch was one of the smaller branches but even so, the range of products was impressive. Whilst I won’t list everything we found on offer here, I will direct your attention to the gallery in this post which will give a good idea of what you can find.

After half an hour or so of browsing the shelves we left with a lot of bits and pieces we haven’t been able to find yet in Guangzhou, or at least haven’t been able to find reasonably and in one place. Jalapeño Tabasco sauce, Popcorner’s popcorn chips, vanilla essence, baking powder and baking soda (they are different, I’ve checked). Everything we bought was largely an ingredient for, or a component of, another meal, but I was very pleased with our purchases.

Check out the gallery. Despite being pricey at times, Corner’s Deli was definitely worth a visit.

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