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Five Things to do with Kids, Siem Reap

When we announced our Cambodia travel plans to friends a few months ago we were invariably met with two shocked responses: “but don’t you think 7 days will be too much?” and “And you’re taking your kids there?” It’s been a fun trip and perhaps to the shock of our friends the children have enjoyed

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Hong Kong Disney Land: Halloween

We visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida last summer and despite some trepidation about ‘spending a fortnight in an expensive theme park’ I very quickly joined the rest of the family in rapt admiration of the 25,000 acre ‘magic kingdom’. So it was with an equal measure of excitement and anxiety that we approached our trip

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Corner’s Deli

We ventured out to Corner’s Deli by Citic Plaza this weekend. We’d been hearing about this Aladdin’s cave of imported wonders for weeks and decided it had to be worth a visit. Close to Linhexi metro station and easily accessible by taxi, Corner’s Deli at ‘Back Street’ Citic Plaza is one of numerous branches throughout

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