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Exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

35 degrees, blazing sunshine and extreme humidity. What better way to spend a morning than dragging a 5 year old and a 3 year old through the Vietnamese jungle, crawling through claustrophobically thin tunnels up to 8m underground and all with a background soundtrack of live weapons fire from thrill seeking tourists paying $1/bullet to

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War Museum Cambodia

I’m a little nervous about saying anything critical about War Museum Cambodia, I’ve seen the directors comments on TripAdvisor, he’s very active and doesn’t take criticism lightly. So, with that said, I’ll just say that my first comment upon entering the war museum was “I’m not sure how I feel about all of this historically

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‘Roam Alone’ An Out Of Season Boat Tour

Continuing what seems to be a trend of empty venues, we spent our day yesterday on a river tour of the Tonle Sap area around Siem Reap. An empty mini bus lead to an empty motor boat which lead to an empty river boat. We booked through taraboat.com, owners of the self proclaimed “Biggest Boat

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